The Butterfly pastry shop has its own fully equipped modern confectioner workshop, where our experienced pastry chefs prepare cakes according to original recipes, and decorate them with beautiful decorations made with finesse and taste.

The unique appearance and taste of our products is a feast for the senses.

Here you can enjoy a selection of dishes prepared  using innovative technology – cakes, pastries, creams, sweets, sundaes, ice cream, pancakes, sandwiches and much more.

Treat yourself to a sweet pleasure made by Butterfly.

Extremely fresh produce and quality ingredients from the best producers, accompanied by quality certificates. Without chemical stabilizers or artificial enhancers. Each cake has been prepared by our pastry chefs with care and attention to detail.

Recreate your ideas and wishes in individual cakes. You can choose your favorite filling and choose from the many available options for decoration and design. When you order you can choose the shape, pattern, color scheme, layout and decoration of cakes.

Quality checked by time

Your individual orders will be executed by skilled professionals at Butterfly pastry shop. All cakes and pastries are prepared in accordance with state standards of BABH.(Bulgarian agency for food safety)